Change is good…

…dollars are better.

Routine is wonderful and fabulous, but also sometimes nerve-wracking. We’re approaching that time of year when the older children leave us to go to new schools,  and children get moved up from the Toddler program.

I’ve heard comments before from other Montessori teachers that changing things in a Montessori classroom after a while can be pretty difficult. In the classroom I am currently in, the Head Teacher has a shelf that we use to put some assorted works on that have to do with the month’s current subject / theme. Sometimes this involves relocating other works from the classroom onto this shelf, which always finds it’s way back to it’s original home by the end of the day. You can explain to the children “We’re going to keep this here for this month, because we are currently learning about Australia. It’s ok to leave it here!” yet you will find it back where it used to go constantly. The Head Teacher also decided to use a new kind of mat for art works that were bigger than the old ones. Because these were bigger, she had to put them on the bottom of our Art shelf instead of on the top (where the old ones were). This was 3 weeks ago, and every time any of the teachers in the room walk by the shelf, we have to relocate the mats to the new location. The Head Teacher commented “Wow-ee, these kids really don’t like change!” I giggled a little bit, because it seems like change does rock their worlds!

These past few weeks at our school have been full of changes! There was a change in management at the school which of course affected us all – We said good-bye to an old friend, and hello to a new one. Another change at the school (which has yet to take effect) is that I will be moving to a morning schedule, so I can be there for morning work time. This is required for my internship, which starts this fall.

I’m very excited for many reasons! In the afternoons (which I currently work) we have Activity time and Craft time that follows our Afternoon Work period. By being there in the morning, I’m going to get more Montessori Work time. Expect to see more posts focusing on my internship following soon!

A child is very capable of dealing with change, I just believe that adequate time needs to be given to the child to adjust. I welcome change with open arms, as it’s the best way to experience life’s many gradients!


A little note –

I’m working on adding a page that focuses on pictures and works. Hooray!

Also I love everyone’s support: your comments are very appreciated! If you stop by, feel free to comment! Like what I said, don’t like what I said, say so!


3 thoughts on “Change is good…

  1. You really can’t change your rooms around much! We have a major shift around every 6 months or so, but there are little tweaks on a weekly basis. For instance – I put out a writing table two days ago because I had noticed a sudden interest in mark making from the little ones and story writing from the older ones. I introduced it at circle time and it has been a massive hit. They really don’t get fazed by shelves moving, the circle mat crossing the room, or even the entire room changing! We love change!!!

    My boss told me about when she was in her first job, over the lunch hour while the owner was out she and her colleague, with the childrens’ help moved EVERYTHING out of her room and left nothing but a toilet roll in the middle of the floor. All the children hid. I laugh every time I think about it.

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