I fell off the face of the Earth…

..and came back to post!

Ahh, the new school year! Many children moved on, many new ones moved into the class. New names to learn, nametags to make, lessons to give. We’ve been very busy, leading to me coming home and basically turning into a vegetable on the couch, staring into space. (As I keep doing right now, it’s very hard to concentrate lately!)

It’s an emotion-heavy time of year for any teacher. We’re sad to see the children we’ve worked with for so long move on in their educational career, but also very happy for the child as well. Initial anxiety of getting new children in the class is replaced with happiness of the new little lives we get to help grow. The addition of new children to the classroom is often a somewhat rough transition. I know that if you have a classroom that is not year-round, you can give all of the introductory lessons in the first few weeks of class. At our school the new children aren’t all introduced at the same time. They move to our classroom when there is a spot available, and not all of our older children left on the same date. So lessons and introductions to the classroom are somewhat sporadic, but we’re managing – as you can see below!

Exploring Geometric Solids while blindfolded

The blindfolds in our classroom have gotten more use lately than they ever have, as children have been experimenting with what works can be accomplished blindfolded. I had one girl ask me one day if she could attempt to put the Binomial Cube together while blindfolded, and she put it back together perfectly. I regretfully did not get any pictures, but the classroom fell perfectly silent as everyone watched her feel each piece and reassemble the cube. It was absolutely beautiful.

A student giving a lesson on Teen Boards
Teen Boards and Teen Beads
Writing a story
More of the same story

The child who is writing that story comes to me for help spelling larger words, but prefers to work alone and sound out each word. They may not be spelled correctly, but you can read what she’s writing! We correct her writing if she asks, and offer helpful tips when she’s stuck, but the rest is all her.

Cards and Counters
Parts of the Flower
Matching Geometric Solids to Objects

I’m sure that some of my posts in the near future will be taking a language turn- as that is the next class I am taking this semester in my AMS training. I’m very excited! I am also working on my internship too, which requires me to do many original lessons and do some student teaching in the morning class. I can’t believe how quickly one year of training went by, only one more to go!


One thought on “I fell off the face of the Earth…

  1. Welcome back!
    Your class looks very busy already.
    I love the emerging writing – it’s my favourite thing to watch, a child who is confident enough to just do it and then enjoy everyone reading her work.

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