Where I’ve been/Where I’d like to go

Where I’ve been: As many other people on the internet, I’ve been splitting my time between pondering for this blog, and starting a business on Etsy- www.magentamoo.etsy.com . I’ve designed a few Montessori Infant materials that I’d like to put up in the shop eventually. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, I’ve always been rather crafty. It feels very pleasing to have a tangible product of your time!

Where I’d like to go: I want to become more engaged here with the people who view and read this blog. It was my hope when I started writing here that I share the Montessori method with those who aren’t sure of what it is, and to spark conversation with my fellow Montessorians. I’ve got so many posts half-written that talk about what my training discussed and how we learned to approach things, but then I question if by posting that I push AMI Montessorians away.  This is not my intention at all! I want us to talk about why we learn different ways with friendly and open-minded discussion. I know there’s a rift between AMI and AMS as well as other schools of Montessori education, and I think that communication between the groups is quite valuable. One of my teachers told us that Montessorians view their training and the Montessori Method as a religion. We defend it fervently to anyone who brings up education, even going as far as disagreeing with other Montessorians who attend different training.  If the education of the child is what’s important, why can’t we get along? I digress – still, I want everyone to know that no matter what training or school of thought you come from (Waldorf, AMI, AMS, Home Based Education, Public Education, ANYTHING) that this is a safe place to discuss and question everything. 

I encourage any and all comments and questions for anything on this blog so long as you keep an open mind and an open heart – for isn’t that what we teach our Children in our classrooms and homes?


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