New Direction

I’ve decided I have too much free time. As of this June, I’m filling that free time with Montessori Elementary teacher training! I’m so excited, it’s not really possible to express it in words. This is something I’ve been interested in since my very very first day in Primary Montessori Training. We were shown Lower and Upper Elementary classrooms at the first school my training classes were at. I saw a human skull sitting on the shelf in the Upper Elementary room, and a reading nook in the corner with a literal wall of books behind it, and I was sold. I’ve tossed the “what-if’s” and such around for years since. After observing some followers of this blog’s Elementary journeys, and now being at a school with an Elementary classroom, I broke down, and couldn’t resist temptation any more.

Of course, I keep coming across passages and concepts in my training that I love turning over in my mind, and that’s what this blog was originally designed for. To give me a place to wheedle away at the thoughts buzzing around in my head, especially after reading a juicy passage.


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