Montessori methods for people with dementia

Source: Montessori methods for people with dementia


Something beautiful to share. I’ve researched this before, and it’s so exciting to see a newly blossoming field for something I already love so much. I live and breathe Montessori, and to see that it is helpful in all stages of life is truly amazing.

I spent some time over summer with my Grandfather, who has been diagnosed with Dementia. Seeing first-hand how much this has changed him was quite a shock. I worked with family members while visiting to give tips on how to work with him, and make him feel valued, as he’s losing his self-esteem daily. He has good days, and he has bad days. On his more self-aware days, he’ll mention how he feels he cannot be trusted to complete anything. Gearing the home and my relative’s collective mind-set is part of helping him. The same as it is in the Casa classroom, really. With a Prepared Environment, and a well-trained Montessori Guide, we provide the opportunities for discovery, building self-esteem, and developing (or maintaining, in this case) important life skills.

Wouldn’t it be amazing, if sometime in the future Montessori training centers started offering Dementia / Alzheimer’s training?


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