About Me!

Sandpaper Letters in the Montessori Classroom are used to assist the child in understanding the letters of the alphabet. Tracing each gritty letter while repeating the sound it makes solidifies the concepts of what makes a language function. Upon mastering the sinewy shapes, sounds, and variations of each letter, the child can put their thoughts down into a widely recognized medium. I’m writing this blog with the intention of doing the very same thing with Montessori Theory as I embark on this wonderful voyage of knowledge. I want to trace over everything I learn as I complete my AMS training, examining each twist and turn fully. Using the theories and wisdom gained during day-to-day works, I hope use what I learn to become a well-rounded teacher.

I’ve recently moved to a very new place and missing the classroom while I get situated. I graduated with my AMS degree in Spring 2011. After reading several amazing Montessori blogs, I’ve decided to document my own quest to be the best teacher I can be.


As of June 2015, I am enrolled in a Montessori Elementary training course. Sandpaper Letters are a little behind what the focus is in the Elementary age group, but it doesn’t make it any less significant work. I’ll always look back on my time as a Primary Guide with great appreciation, so the name of the blog is still just as valid. : )


2 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Hi, I found your blog via a comment you posted on The Moveable Alphabet. Your posts are very insightful and clearly explain Montessori theory in a clear classroom context. I have you bookmarked and will definitely be back.

  2. Hi Nena,
    Would you mind if I linked to your post about peaceful teaching? I found it really interesting and am planning a post of my own that addresses the same issue. It would be lovely to be able to link back to your blog.
    If you can see my email on this message then please feel free to use that, otherwise, please would you leave a message for me on my blog? Thanks
    Anna (Annicles)

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