I’ve done it! My Elementary course is done, I’ve passed all exams and submitted all work! I have a Residency session this summer, and one next summer. I’m so excited! I leave in less than 2 weeks for an action-packed 3 weeks of lessons, material making, and practicing!

I’m so excited for the potential of the next school year. I have been very introspective and contemplative over the last few weeks. Being ill and life’s stresses have helped me to narrow down what is important in my life. And I feel tremendously lucky that I’ve chosen a career in which I can do¬†everything I’ve ever wanted to!

Crocheting for charity, examining local flora and fauna, draft letters to companies, appreciate exotic and local cultures, study chemistry and create experiments, help others grow and learn in a healthy and enriched environment…I could go on forever. Mostly, I never want to stop learning. And to be a well-rounded Montessorian, I constantly observe, adapt, and enact to keep up with current culture and science!

I’m going places

I’m coming home

I’m happy


Montessori Worldwide

It is definitely a dream of mine to travel the world and visit different Montessori schools where ever I go. What I love about Montessori is that the concept stays the same across the globe. I myself follow many Montessori blogs that aren’t based in North America, many of which I have to use Google Translate to even read! I found the results of countries that have visited this blog to be very inspiring: look how much of the world has come to visit! Say hi, even if you are just stopping in!