A Montessori Work Day in Pictures

Making the Parts of a Tree Book
Exploring the Geometric Solids
Crumbing on a tray

Labeling the States
Leaf Shape 3 Part Cards
Tracing and labeling the parts of a horse
Cards and Counters
Bow Tying Frame
Paper Punching
Listening to tones

It was a busy and wonderful day!


Just dance…

Sometimes I just need to dance. Thankfully, this is an OK thing to do in this line of work! While a typical adult may look down upon our line-time erupting into dance-around time, I relish in it! I’m glad this is so much fun, because I just recently realized how important (yes, you read that correctly) this is for young children.

You’d think that my Montessori-geared mind would have realized that Movement was so crucial to their development, but I just didn’t look at movement during Line-time as that important. I just saw dance and movement as a vessel to get all of their “wiggles” out so we could sit and have a peaceful line-time reading a book or discussing the world. How else are the children going to explore their natural balance, controlling of gross motor-skills, musical knowledge, rhythm, spatial-awareness, and so much more all at once!?

Of course most of this enlightenment comes from my class last Saturday which was all about Music and Movement. In fact, it was a little over-stimulating  because we learned SO MANY songs and activities that I can’t keep the tunes for any of them straight! I had a wonderful call-back to my Kindergarten days when the instructor began singing: “Circle round the zero, find your love in zero…” Instantly I felt 5 years old again, akwardly bumbling around the circle trying to find someone to “Back back zero. Side side zero. Front front zero, tap your love in zero…” with as quickly as possible.

It’s amazing the memories we associate with various senses. Sometimes a smell can bring your right back to following Mom around in the kitchen, or remind you of a special time in life. I’ve always felt rather attatched to music, so I define my life almost in song. Sometimes to re-visit days in my past, I’ll put on a CD that I have attached to a specific time period in my life and just let the memories flow. If I close my eyes I can remember everything about getting to take my first car for a spin, or eating hot dogs at my 10th birthday party by the pool. I hope that by incorporating more music into the classroom sometime in these children’s lives they’ll have their own call-back moment and be able to reminisce about being 5…