A Visual Tour

Here’s a quick peek at my new classroom. It’s been a lot of adjusting and rearranging, but it’s calmed me a lot to have the room set up my way. I know where everything is now! Yay! Imagine that before all of the shelves were pushed against all the walls. The middle of the room was one big open area, and the beautiful windows were blocked off. Ever since I started at the school 5 years ago, the room has been arranged the same way.

Here is half of the Kitchen / Practical Life area
Practical Life

Main Room (Line Time area is to the left)

This part of the Main Room has visual access to the Practical Life AreaScience Corner 2

This is my favorite spot in the room: the Science Corner. I adore the garden right outside the window!Science CornerHere is our Line Time area with a view of my not-yet-organized Sensorial shelves and my fledgling peace-table.
Line Time Area

It’s been a very very busy few weeks, and I feel today that it paid off. This morning was so beautiful during work time. One girl cut and arranged flowers from our garden into little vases to place around the room, another child was walking peacefully through a Red Rod maze while holding a bell, and two boys sat in the science corner discussing the bugs they’d seen outside. I’m so very lucky and happy!


The things I ponder most

  • What work should I direct _____ to?
  • Where on earth did I leave my pen?
  • Has _____ had a lesson on that yet?
  • I’m hungry…is it snack-time yet?
  • Why does this child move around this way?
  • How can I assist this child?
  • This would make a beautiful picture – OH NO! Where’s my camera?
  • What is the best way I can enlighten this child?
  • Really now, where is my pen?
  • I thought ____ was here today, you mean they aren’t?
  • Should we talk about our latest “You’re not invited to my birthday party” issue during Line Time, or not…
  • Which specific sense of the child is engaged at this moment?
  • Where is the child’s current fixation?
  • What can I do to be more organized?
  • Her name isn’t coming to me, what is it, what is it, what is it…OH RIGHT
  • When can we go outside again, it’s soooo hot….
  • Am I being the best teacher I can be?
  • What will my next blog post be about?

Some pictures:

A Montessori Work Day in Pictures

Making the Parts of a Tree Book
Exploring the Geometric Solids
Crumbing on a tray

Labeling the States
Leaf Shape 3 Part Cards
Tracing and labeling the parts of a horse
Cards and Counters
Bow Tying Frame
Paper Punching
Listening to tones

It was a busy and wonderful day!